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Like the Casa Blanca namesake, our toffee cabinets provide a look of elegance and charm. These Casa Blanca Toffee Cabinets are built with unique construction and detailed craftsmanship with a refining touch that will make any kitchen more inviting. No matter your affinity for design and style, our  toffee cabinets looks great in any kitchen.
Professional Quality Toffee Cabinets
We use an innovative dovetail assembly process with all of our toffee cabinets that rival our competitors. Our toffee cabinets have no visible clips for a custom cabinet finish.
One of the reasons our Casa Blanca Toffee cabinets are such a sweet story of success is their unparalleled finish. They are hand-stained in a rich caramel color, including the sides, which many cabinet stores leave unfinished. Then a beautiful chocolate glaze is hand-applied. The artful staining and glazing is part of a unique 12-step finishing process that results in higher quality and better protection than the standard six to nine layers most manufacturers apply. 
These toffee cabinets feature five-piece mitered doors that are full overlays made of solid wood. They include raised trim accents and six-way adjustable soft-closing hinges.The shelves on our Casa Blanca Toffee cabinets provide up to 50 percent more storage space compared to standard kitchen cabinet shelves with one-half depth The drawer heads are also a five-piece mitered construction of maple, making them our most popular maple cabinets

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Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Office: (208)895-8563  Text: (208)918-4463

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